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Side-by-side comparison of effects of Matrix sizer

Dialog as it was loaded form dialog2.wxr resource same dialog with wxMatrixSizer applied after loading

all that's need to be added to existing code, is the fragment:

	wxMatrixSizer* matrix = new wxMatrixSizer( &dialog );
	dialog.SetAutoLayout( TRUE );
	dialog.SetSizer( matrix );
	matrix->Fit( &dialog );
	matrix->SetSizeHints( &dialog );
original with Mtx applied, no observable difference
original dialog mildly distorted: as locale-dependent strings change, lots of labels slipping under here and there...
matrix honors minimal-sizes, thus no major problems with text-fitting.
Unlike with dialog units, non-uniform vert/horiz sizing is required here,
and wxMatrixSizer does exactly so, because matrix-items can
be non-uniformly sized

the same on Linux
(and BTW, why X is made to suck by default ??)

uniformly distorted: font of all widgets changed proportionally, might simulate the case of resolution/font changes
as dialog units, matrix copes well with uniform distortions,
but does not treat it as a special case
extremely distorted: fonts changed not uniformly, to simulate different sizes of controls on different platforms, some locale strings changed as in multiple-languages supporting app
this is probably a worst-case-composition for Matrix to digest, but it still makes it by preserving correctness of displayed information. Proportions of original layout change non-uniformly causing some mess, e.g "First Name" labels have departed too far from their fields as a result of wildly grown size of "Small plums" check box. In practise, such extremes do not happen even across platforms, this example intends to show the limit, beyond which you are better off designing purely Layout-based UI (using box,gird,flexgird sizers)

matrix_src_0_1.zip for wxMatrixLayout and sample demonstrating above distortions, with makefiles for VC and unix

Contact me if you have any questions or problems with it.