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May 10, 2006

wxWorkshop's source code CVS repository has now been converted to Subversion's repository format.  To checkout the current wxWorkshop source code from the Repository, you will need a subversion client.  Only 2 branches and 1 trunk are available for checkout (no tags were carried over).  Only the Version-0.70 and wxMSW-version-0.80 branches are available.  The Subversion repository trunk branch is the same as the HEAD or MAIN (latest) branch would be in the CVS repository.  The CVS repository has been deactivated.  A CVS repository backup tarball can be E-mailed if access to the older code is desired.


March 8, 2006

wxWorkshop (wxGTK version only) now sucessfully builds with wxWidgets-2.6.3, unicode version,
under Linux (with g++ v4.1.0).  The Linux sources can be checked out from the MAIN branch of the CVS Repository,
and the
Windows sources can be checked out from the wxMSW_v0_80 Branch of the Repository.  The Windows sources
do not contain any changes since the the wxMSW development of wxWorkshop is suspended at this time.

Currently the program does not do anything except show an initial Window and the about box.


February 4, 2006

** wxWorkshop **
** Reorganization **

Today I have taken over as one of the Administrators of the wxWorkshop Project.  I look forward to re-invigorating the project, and moving it into the present.  The goals of wxWorkshop hasn't changed in that the end product is still going to be an IDE & RAD tool for wxWidgets that will work for Linux, Windows, Unix, and MacIntosh platforms.  And it will still be a totally GPL licensed program which is the license wxWorkshop has been all along.

I am going to make some changes to how wxWorkshop is developed and managed, with the idea that we're going to get a release yet out of this project, and a very powerful program that wxWidgets Developers will want to use.  Therefore, some of the changes:

So, who do we need to get wxWorkshop implemented and released?  We need:

    I am hoping for a good resurrection of wxWorkshop and hope many of you agree that wxWorkshop has the potential to be an excellent tool for the community.  I look forward to working with everyone in making a good and serious cross-platform tool that helps adoption of wxWidgets everywhere.



September 4, 2005

wxWorkshop is coming out of Deep Hibernation with reworked sources now found in the CVS Repository.
A minor milestone has been reached with the successful build of wxWorkshop with wxWidgets-2.6.1, ansi & unicode versions,
under Linux (with g++ v4.0.1) and MS Windows (with MS Visual Studio 2003). Also, wxWorkshop is using the included fl and xrc
contributed libraries included with wxWidgets.  The Windows sources can be checked out from the MAIN Branch of the CVS Repository,
and the Linux sources can be checked out from the Linux_v0_80 branch of the Repository.

Currently the program does not do anything except show an initial Window and the about box as shown below, but now that
wxWorkshop is building, the fun continues in getting the features operational and implemented.

Stay tuned!