a flexible IDE, and more

What is wxWorkshop?

wxWorkshop is a cross-platform IDE and RAD tool designed to aid and accelerate development of wxWidgets based applications. wxWorkshop itself has been developed using the wxWidgets toolkit.

wxWorkshop removes the need to manually hand code dialogs. By providing a WYSIWYG interface, and generating compilable source code for you based on the visually designed interface, early GUI development times are back to being a minor fraction of the development cycle.

wxWorkshop combines many of the tools needed by developers for writing applications: dialog generator, source code generator, source code editor, and more. With wxWorkshop, you can even invoke your command-line compiler from within the IDE to compile your program.

For more information on what wxWorkshop can do, please see the features page.

Who is developing wxWorkshop?

wxWorkshop includes source code from enthusiasts, who need a good multiplatform wxWidgets development environment.  The original source code was contributed by the people listed on the credits page.  Recent code contributions now being added as more interest in the project spreads.   If you are interested in becoming part of the development effort, please subscribe to the mailing list.

Where can I get wxWorkshop sources?

The wxWorkshop project is hosted at SourceForge's CVS server. The project page contains links for reporting bugs, checking out latest source, and viewing latest status information as the wxWorkshop project develops. See also the download page.